Pamela Personette, M. Ed.

Pamela Personette, M. Ed., started her marketing career at age eight when she, along with her Girl Scout troop, participated in focus groups at a marketing firm in Montclair, NJ.  She chose which cereal tasted the best, which packaging appealed to her, and which color cereal looked best when it floated in milk. She understood, at an early age, the value of “the consumer” and how important understanding their needs and making a genuine connection is.

Fast forward to January 2007 when Pamela recognized there was an opportunity to help others make a connection with their customers. Pamela, a Montessori educator whose phases between semesters were spent working in various Northern California winery tasting rooms and as concierge at The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa, combined her interest in hospitality, her attention to professionalism, and her experience as a Montessori teacher (respectful interaction, self discovery, hands-on learning) into a service that teaches winery tasting room professionals to sell more wine by engaging their customers. Illumination Hospitality Group was born!

Pamela now devotes herself to teaching workshops at winery tasting rooms.  The workshops inspire tasting room staff to sell more wine by making a real connection with everyone who walks through their tasting room door.

Prior to her 12-year career in education, Pamela Spent 14 years connecting with a wide array of personality types in the corporate setting:

ABC Television Network, New York, NY

–Public Relations

–Emmy-Award-Winning ABC NOTEBOOK Series

Wells, Rich, Greene, Inc., New York, NY

–Advertising Broadcast Business

Revlon, Inc., New York, NY

–Corporate Development

KCBS Radio, San Francisco, CA


Pamela’s tasting room experience puts tasting room professionals who attend her workshops at ease. She’s one of them!  She knows how to inspire people and she makes learning fun!

Pamela uses real-life stories to illustrate her workshop points. Humor plays a big part of the workshop so you will certainly be entertained while you are learning!  She’s funny!

Pamela Personette earned a Master of Education Degree from Notre Dame de Namur University and a B. A. in Art History from Seton Hall University.

A native of New Jersey, Pamela currently lives in Sonoma, CA.