Upcoming College Workshops


Napa Valley College is offering the Winery Tasting Room Hospitality/Sales Certificate Program! Pamela Personette is teaching “DTC Wine Tasting Sales.”

The Napa Valley Winery Tasting Room Hospitality/Sales […]

Pouring at Off-Site Events: 10 Tips

Do you ever represent your winery by pouring at off-site events? While you’re at these events do you ever notice that some wine tables/booths are busier than […]

10 Tips for Your Inter-Winery Event!

How many of your tasting room customers ask you, “What winery should I visit next?” You most likely answer by recommending the tasting rooms that you know […]

Bud Break

It’s that time of year:  bud break!  Your tasting room customers have the same potential as a budding vine!  Just like the vines, your customers need tending. […]