Learn the art of superior customer service.

Use a mystery shop as a powerful tool to help you increase your winery tasting room sales!

Ensure that your tasting room staff is delivering the spirit of your brand!

Here’s how a mystery shop works:

  • We will send our trained mystery shopper(s) to experience your tasting room as anonymous, objective customers (on a day unknown to you) and they will report back to us.
  • We will provide you with a written mystery shop report and discuss the results with you during your post-mystery-shop meeting with Pamela Personette, Director of Hospitality Training.
  • You’ll be given actionable data that you can use to make sure there is not a gap between your marketing and tasting room operations.
  • Discover opportunities that would have otherwise gone undetected! Use a mystery shop as a powerful tool to help you increase tasting room sales and wine club memberships!

Here’s why:

  • The goal for your winery tasting room staff is to sell more wine.
  • The level of your winery tasting room sales is directly dependent on your customers’ experiences.
  • A mystery shop conducted for you by Illumination Hospitality Group will gather valuable information regarding the customer experience at your winery tasting room.
  • Extremely satisfied customers buy more than merely satisfied customers. When customers are extremely satisfied, they do your marketing for you. Your customers become promoters of your brand.
  • Ensure that the way your brand is presented is consistent with your philosophies.  Ensure that your staff is delivering the spirit of your brand.
  • The knowledge gained from the mystery shop will help you reinforce strengths and implement changes where needed in order to sell more wine in your tasting room!