Would you like to increase your tasting room sales and wine club sign-ups?

Imagine making a genuine connection with your tasting room customers and increasing daily sales!


Hospitality Sells!

Have you ever heard this quote from the restaurant business: “Bad service ruins good food.” The same applies to the winery tasting room. You may have the best wine in the word but if the tasting room staff does not make a connection with their guests, they’re not going to sell much wine. There’s no doubt about it! Great hospitality sells wine…lots of wine!

Help Your Tasting Room Staff be the Best They Can Be

There is an art to consistently providing outstanding hospitality in the winery tasting room! An Illumination Hospitality Group workshop will light your way! Sell more wine by engaging your tasting room guests. Without you, your customers might as well walk down the wine aisle at Safeway.
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Learn the Art of Superior Customer Service

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Workshop Packages:

All workshops are presented by Pamela Personette, Illumination Hospitality Group’s Director of Hospitality Training. Her one-of-a-kind workshops work! They are based on the Montessori Method of education, which emphasizes respectful interaction with others. The Montessori environment provides an inviting, non-intimidating atmosphere. This approach translates beautifully to the winery tasting room setting. The workshops stress the importance of hands-on learning, self-discovery, gracious interaction with people, and following the lead of your guests.

Initial Workshops

Initial Three-Hour Hospitality/Sales Workshop:

  • Learn how to sell more wine by engaging your tasting room guests. Remember, without you, your customers might as well walk down the wine aisle at Safeway.
  • Workshops are held at your winery.
  • Lively, fun, interactive. Real-life examples and stories bring the workshop to life.
  • A consultation with Pamela Personette will take place in advance of your workshop so your workshop can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Initial Three-Hour Hospitality/Sales Workshop Topics Covered:

  • Make the match: Reach your goal of making the sale!
  • How to make the customer feel special.
  • The power of observation.
  • How to ask appropriate questions.
  • How to improve listening skills.
  • How to customize the experience.
  • How to accommodate different types of customers.
  • Self-discovery: The key to learning.
  • How to handle mistakes.

“Keep on Track” Workshops

Subsequent ‘Keep On Track’ Workshops

  • Workshops are held at your winery.
  • Workshops include role play and acting improv exercises which are tools that work for team building and to illustrate key points.
  • Consistently being on top of your game is the key to success. Illumination Hospitality Group “Keep On Track” Workshops keep tasting room professionals energized and motivated.

‘Keep On Track’ Workshop Topics Covered

  • Up-selling
  • Cross-selling
  • Group Dynamics (Working as a team)
  • Improvisation Exercises
  • Role Playing
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Are your tasting room sales where you want them to be? Are you maximizing selling opportunities…without being pushy? Do your customers have a good time, say thanks and then walk away empty handed? Imagine making a genuine connection with your customers and selling more wine every day! IHG can help you…Take an upcoming workshop and see results.

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