Do you ever represent your winery by pouring at off-site events? While you’re at these events do you ever notice that some wine tables/booths are busier than others? Do you want to attract more people to your table? Do you want to spread your brand to a wide audience? Here are ten tips to help you get customers excited about your winery:

  1. Smile, make eye contact, and look approachable.
  2. Stand tall; look ready for action.
  3. Build rapport immediately by asking questions and engaging the customer.
  4. Wear a name tag or winery logo wear (great visual for establishing credibility).
  5. Wave customers over (in a natural, friendly way).  Sometimes a little nudge is all people need.
  6. Observe the details: Customer writing notes; customer wearing a winery logo cap; customer wearing a name tag. These are great conversation starters.
  7. Acknowledge customers who are waiting. Don’t fixate on one customer.
  8. If possible, come out from behind the table.
  9. Hand out business cards/promotional material.
  10. Enjoy yourself.  Your enthusiasm is contagious!

Here are ten don’ts that turn people off:

  1. Bad body language: Avoid eye contact, stand with arms crossed, fuss with your hair.
  2. Don’t smile.
  3. Use your smart phone for personal use.  (If you need to use it, walk away from the table.)
  4. Talk with your co-worker as you ignore the public.
  5. Sit down.
  6. Look down.
  7. Have your back to the crowd.
  8. Don’t ask questions.
  9. Give the information dump before you’ve asked questions.
  10. Pour wine and stand like a statue.

The next time you’re at an event, try these tips and avoid the don’ts. Get people excited about your winery! Make sure pouring at off-site events is time and money well spent!